Diver is Sucked into Nuclear Power Plant

Diver is Sucked into Nuclear Power Plant

What seems so exciting in action movie, is anything but a picnic in real life. In Florida, a diver was swept along for 5 minutes in a supply pipe of a nuclear power plant. Miraculously, he survived.  


Christopher Le Cun and his friend were sailing along the coast of Hutchinson Island when they decided to dive in the vicinity of the nearby St. Lucie nuclear power plant. This turned out to be a mistake, for Le Hun got caught in a current which dragged him straight to one of the three water supply pipes.  


"I thought I would surely die and expected to see a turbine at the end of the pipe, but it never came", says Le Cun. Instead he ended up in a basin for cold water, which served as coolant for the power plant.  


Fortunately for him, because otherwise he would never have survived his trip through the 400 metre long and 5 metre wide water pipe. Christopher decided to sue the power plant company, but it claims that there are clear signposts which state that people should keep at least 100 metres distance between themselves and the plant. They also claim that Le Cun purposefully swam past the taken measures which serve to prevent scenarios like this.  


It will be his word against theirs, but the exact same thing happened in 1989 at the very same power plant. That diver too survived the incident.



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