Great White Shark Attacks Divers in Cage

Great White Shark Attacks Divers in Cage

A diver has managed to catch the scary moment in which a great white shark attacks a group of divers in a cage on tape.


The American Spencer Reilly taped the images in the South-African Gabsbai, where he was enjoying his honeymoon.


With stunning speed, the animal chases a piece of bait on the surface, before it makes a turn and rams into an opening of the cage with its snout. The shark almost manages to grab the arms and heads of the divers in the cage with its razor-sharp teeth.



Reilly claims that the shark truly moved so fast and that he did not speed up the video. "This shouldn't have happened. They don't want sharks to come that near the cage. But there was only limited visibility and the shark chased the bait extremely fast", says Reilly. "It was not so frightening to us, because it all happened so quickly. It was actually quite exciting."



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